CEO & Founder, Namit Malhotra, Stereo Supervisors Justin Jones and Ricky Aggarwal and VP Business Development, Chris DelConte discuss the stereo conversion of the Wizard of Oz (1939).

Warner Bros. chose Prime Focus World asits 3D conversion house of choice for what is one of the best-loved films in its library.

Warner Bros. went right back to the film's original Technicolor camera negative, performing a full photo-chemical restoration, before scanning the negative at 4K and digitally restoring the picture. These fully restored reels were then handed over to Prime Focus World, for the conversion to 3D.

The remastered 3D version of the movie will hit US theaters for one week only beginning 20th September 2013, and will be released as a collector's edition box set on 1st October.

RELEASE: September 20, 2013

NOMINATED for Best 3D Conversion by the International 3D Society.  Winners announced January 28, 2014

Director: Victor Fleming
Producer: Mervyn LeRoy 
Studio / Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures (commissioned the conversion)

PFW Supervisor: John Pierce
PFW Producer: Chris Del Conte
PFW Scope of Work: 3D Conversion, 662 shots
Exclusive Conversion Partner
PFW Lead Facility: Los Angeles
PFW Associate Teams: Vancouver & Mumbai



PFW Wizard of Oz 3D Brochure

PFW Wizard of Oz 3D Brochure