Senior Lighting TD



Job Description

To complete all lighting and rendering work on time as directed by the supervisor/ lead and communicate your progress.


1.    3D lighting in Maya and rendering using VRAY/Arnold in a Linux environment.
2.    Liaison directly with the supervisor/lead and the VFX Coordinator.
3.    Meet all deadlines and communicate status on a daily basis.
4.    Make use of in-house technical resources.
5.    File all work electronically in the designated areas to file naming convention standards.
6.    Participate in Discreet alpha / beta team.
7.    Miscellaneous compositing as required.
8.    Supervise other 3D Artists as necessary.
9.    Supervise live-action elements on set, compiling tracking data, lighting info, ect.
10.    Miscellaneous visual effects duties as required.
11.    Complete and submit weekly timesheets and R & D forms as necessary.

Position Requirements

1.    Extensive knowledge in Autodesk's Maya.
2.    Excellent knowledge of traditional lighting fundamentals.
3.    Previous experience creating realistic lighting rigs/set-ups for Film or game assets (2-3+ years).
4.    Problem solving and debug render scripts.
5.    Determine and contribute to various aesthetic and technical solutions.
6.    Effectively communicate, and implement techniques in research and development, as well as existing pipelines.
7.    Detailed knowledge of CG Lighting principles & their application in a streamlined production environment.
8.    Excellent artistic standards including photo-realistic painting/texture creation, generating your own bitmaps, HDRI’s when required.
9.    Proficiency in lighting and shading using VRAY/Arnold. Building a shader library to be used by lighting department.
10.    Able to communicate and collaborate with other artists to complete tasks, and ensure deadlines are met efficiently.
11.    Creating high quality CG lighting to the standards set by the VFX Supervisors.
12.    Understanding of 3D CGI Creation workflow and limitations.
13.    Compositing experience an asset.