Senior Compositor



Job Description

Composite on all 2D visual effects projects as required, ensuring all shots / images are complete and on time from beginning to end of each individual project.


•    Work with Visual Effects Production Team, Compositing Supervisor and Visual Effects Supervisor to create the desired look for environments and characters that reflect a wide variety of styles.
•    Perform visual and analytical problem solving in both 3 dimensional and 2 dimensional space.
•    Understand the schedule of the 2D team and know what your duties are per project.
•    Ensure all deadlines are acceptable, reasonable and met.
•    Integrate and test 2D software with technical direction.
•    Assist Technical Directors with reporting software bugs, technical issues and creating plug-ins solutions.
•    Assist in development of 2D tools and utilities, for individual projects or general use as necessary.
•    Create solutions or workarounds for technical problems through custom scripting or other appropriate means, as they arise.
•    Other miscellaneous 2D / visual effects duties as required.


Position Requirements

•    4+ years of 2D composition experience in a production environment using Nuke.
•    Must have a good eye for lighting, detail and overall composition.
•    Must have a strong understanding of how things should look and feel given specific artistic direction or reference.
•    Understanding of practical movie set lighting and ability to incorporate and match those lighting setups in computer graphics.
•    Extensive experience compositing with Nuke is essential.
•    Experience with traditional drawing, painting, photography, and/or color theory a plus.
•    Excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills are required.
•    A creative problem solver who is organized and critical of his/her own work.
•    A history of consistent high-end aesthetic and technical execution.
•    Must be willing to travel to India