Senior Production Coordinator



Job Description

To manage and coordinate the flow of work within the VFX department in entirety and for individual projects as required.


•    To provide technical, administrative and production assistance for VFX projects and business carried out on a daily basis.

•    Liaise directly with the VFX Supervisors/VFX Producer of each project.

•    Review production schedules and revises according to project specifications.

•    Monitor the allocation of VFX staff in order to prevent overbooking, burnout and under-utilization.

•    Create weekly and monthly schedules for project deadlines and VFX staff distribution and indicate the status of each to Producer and Production Manager on a regular basis.

•    Communicate with artists daily, ensures they have the appropriate resources and that their work is on target for completion.

•    Research and monitor VFX projects in development and creates production charts/documents for Producers and Management.

•    Assist Producer with budget plans and quotes as required.

•    Assist with administrative duties associated with daily operations of the visual effects division.

•    Miscellaneous coordination duties as required.


Position Requirements

• Ability and initiative to create and maintain project-tracking systems

• At least 3+ year in a similar role in the VFX industry

• Exceptional communication and organizational skills

• Experience working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment

• Strong MS Office and time management skills