Producer Film VFX



Job Description

Responsible for the management and delivery of the individual project, on time and budget.


•    Aid in the creation of bids and/or change orders.
•    Build schedules for production and delivery.
•    Create budgets for resources, hardware and software and monitor/track cost reports.
•    Manage the day-to-day production of the project, responsible for its financial and strategic viability.
•    Manage the logistics of the production teams and work directly with clients to deliver key objectives.
•    Liaise with clients, facilitate meetings and travel as needed.
•    Coordinate and facilitate planning sessions with technical and creative teams.
•    Oversee budget development, changes and resource allocation.
•    Select artists and other required production team members.
•    Collaborate with the client and VFX Supervisor to develop all sequences/shots.
•    Review progress of sequences/shots, post dailies and review with client.
•    Ensure all communications between the client and Prime Focus are recorded and acted upon.
•    Complete and organize paperwork related to production, resources and clients.
•    Liaise with accounting to issue and collect production invoices and change orders.
•    Provide timely coordination and communication between all relevant departments.

Position Requirements

•    Producer / production manager coordination experience
•    Exceptional communication and leadership skills
•    Experience working in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment
•    Ability to estimate time-lines
•    Define and meet deadlines and multitask
•    Strong organization and project coordination skills