Post-Viz / Layout Artist



Job Description

As a Postviz/Layout artist at Prime Focus you will contribute to setting up the shots for our current largest show, Sin City 2. You will compose the shots by positioning and sometimes hand animate cameras, block out and then set dress the CG sets and environments and block out any animation.


- Working with the supervisors and art department to create final layouts to go on to lighting and animation.

- Keeping the schedule in mind and working with the coordinators to complete tasks within expected deadlines.

- Keep informed on changes to your shots and update them as necessary.

- Publish cameras and geometry into the pipeline to be used by the other departments.

- Communicate any issues or problems to supervisors and coordinators so that assistance can be given.


Position Requirements

- Have previous experience in previs/postvis/layout for film.

- Have a good eye for composing well balanced and good looking pictures.

- Know the language of cinema, camera angles, camera moves and editing etc.

- Be comfortable doing block animation with good timing that works for the shot in the cut.

- Be able to animate cameras to mimic common real life camera rigs and moves.

- Have camera matchmove experience.