Linux Systems Engineer



Job Description


Part of an engineering team designing, installing and maintaining a large, multinational network of Linux (CentOS), Windows and Mac workstations and servers.  The job ranges all the way from helpdesk to rebuilding kernel modules and implementing international network management tools.

As a member of the team primarily supporting our Vancouver office you’ll be expected to quickly solve problems, build systems to prevent them happening in the first place and implement tech that works well in response to rapidly changing requirements.



      Although not an entry-level position, helpdesk is part of the job.

      Server and workstation builds and maintaining configuration for those builds (currently Puppet).

      Network installs of third party apps/plugins and assisting the development team with integrating them into the existing workflow.

      Creation/maintenance of monitoring systems and maintenance scripts.

      Hardware builds - Everything from basic workstations to LAN/WAN setups and clustered filesystems.


Position Requirements

      This is always here, but it is so important: excellent communication.  You should be able to convey your point in a meeting, keep the rest of the team informed on your chunk of work or explain complex systems and problems to the layman.

      Good Linux skills.  Not just installing Ubuntu at home.  You should know how to rebuild an rpm.  ifcfg-eth0 shouldn’t be a random combination of letters and numbers to you and you shouldn’t need to be told where the logs are.

      You should be comfortable with NAS, NFS, CIFS, DHCP,ADS, LDAP, etc.

      Good cross-OS skills.  As mentioned above, we use Windows, Linux and Mac.  You should be comfortable on all of them (although this particular role is primarily Linux).

      Work well when issues are pulling you in every direction.  You should be able to prioritise, keep your cool and be able to work efficiently under pressure.

      Excellent problem solving skills.  A lot of the issues we face are not simple.  If you can provide examples from your past where you’ve had to break down a large problem in order to tackle it, that will be to your advantage.

      Previous knowledge of VFX is a bonus, but not necessary.

      You’ve got to be able to lift a big server if required.