Digital Matte Painting Supervisor



Company Profile 

Focus World is a global entertainment services company providing visual effects and stereo 3D conversion to major studios and filmmakers around the world.From Hollywood to Bollywood and points in between, Prime Focus is recognized as a preeminent source of creative and technical services to the industry. Top moviemakers rely on Prime Focus to deliver, technology and global infrastructure required to efficiently and cost-effectively convert 2D material into dazzling 3D.

Job Description

To composite / paint / colour for all 2D visual effects projects as required and meet all deadlines providing clients with a satisfactory product. 


Location: Vancouver, Canada

Start date: Various

Duration: Project based

*Please note only those who closely match our requirements will be contacted. 


Responsible for all colour correcting and painting as instructed.

Assist in and composite shots as necessary.

Liaison directly with supervisor / lead / VFX Coordinator.

Meet all deadlines and communicate status on a daily basis.

Make use of in-house technical resources.

File all work electronically in the designated areas.

Other miscellaneous 2D / visual effects duties as required.

Complete and submit weekly timesheet and R & D forms as necessary.


Position Requirements

Must have 5+ years industry as matte painter

Must master Photoshop.

Must have excellent software knowledge of Maya and/or XSI and Nuke.

Must master camera projection.

Must have advanced skill, knowledge and understanding of design, composition, color skills, visual effects, production and implementation.

Must have high-level photo real painting experience and have the ability to match lighting and photoreal characteristics of the plates supplied.

Must have artistic flexibility, versatility, ability to match and/or adapt painting style to suit a range of production designs.