Digital Matte Painter


Job Description

To composite / paint / colour for all 2D visual effects projects as required and meet all deadlines providing clients with a satisfactory product.


•    Responsible for all colour correcting and painting as instructed.
•    Assist in and composite shots as necessary.
•    Liaison directly with supervisor / lead / VFX Coordinator.
•    Meet all deadlines and communicate status on a daily basis.
•    Make use of in-house technical resources.
•    File all work electronically in the designated areas.
•    Other miscellaneous 2D / visual effects duties as required.
•    Complete and submit weekly timesheet and R & D forms as necessary.

Position Requirements

•    Must have 5+ years industry as matte painter
•    Must master Photoshop.
•    Must have excellent software knowledge of Maya and/or XSI and Nuke.
•    Must master camera projection.
•    Must have advanced skill, knowledge and understanding of design, composition, color skills, visual effects, production and implementation.
•    Must have high-level photo real painting experience and have the ability to match lighting and photoreal characteristics of the plates supplied.
•    Must have artistic flexibility, versatility, ability to match and/or adapt painting style to suit a range of production designs.
•    Must be willing to travel to India