Job Description

We are looking for Animators to come and work with us on our currently biggest show, Sin City 2.

Animators will be working on things like vehicles in action sequences to digi doubles, ranging from the naturalistic to the over-the-top. You might also be asked to help the postvis department to get block animation and layout started for shots.


-Working with the supervisors and production team to produce final animations.

- Being aware of your schedule to produce final animations within the expected deadlines.

- Publish your work to be picked up by lighting and other departments.

- Working with the in house rigging team to improve rigs and solve shot specific problems.

- Keep informed on changes to your shots and update them as necessary.

- Communicate any issues or problems to supervisors and coordinators so that assistance can be given.


Position Requirements

- Have previous experience in animating things like vehicles and characters for VFX films.

- Have a good eye for timing and weight to create naturalistic movement.

- Understand how each piece of animation contributes to each shot.

- Understand film editing and continuity to make your shots work in a sequence or scene.

- Be comfortable discussing your work in dailies with your supervisors and animation team.