Did you know that the years of World War I were a heyday of 3D photography? Neither did we, but Tony Robinson’s World War I sees the TV star documenting the war with reference to thousands of 3D stereoscopic images that were taken at the time.

Renegade Pictures chose Prime Focus to provide the 3D workflow and full 3D post production on this exciting new series for Discovery, which chronicles WWI from start to finish, with each episode focusing on a different year of the conflict.

Talking of the 3D images, Sir Tony Robinson said “No-one has ever catalogued them or put a narrative together about them. WWI was the heyday of the 3D photograph. In the 1930s and '40s, they went out of fashion and people didn't have the viewers anymore. These things were just bundled in attics and boxes.”

In order to best present the archive 3D footage and imagery, as well as advise on the specifically shot stereo footage for the series, Prime Focus World stereographer Barry O’Brien was called in to supervise the Geometry corrections and Depth Grade.

Barry said “Working with footage shot across multiple stereo rigs and cameras can be quite challenging, but we utilized the new stereo toolset in Baselight to make templates for each camera which could be used as a starting point before performing more detailed vertical and horizontal corrections depending on the interaxial used. Occasionally shots required depth correction, which alignment alone cannot solve, so we brought these shots into our conversion pipeline to adjust the depth of selected objects for creative reasons; whether to lead the viewer towards a character or to enhance the overall depth of a shot.”

Series Producer, Julian Carey said, “This was a very complicated edit which needed to pull together a lot of different elements in a very short space of time and was a true team effort between Renegade Pictures and Prime Focus.”

Tony Robinson’s World War I begins airing on Discovery Channel and Sky 3D on Sunday 9 November, 2014.

RELEASE: November 9, 2014

Production Company: Renegade Pictures
Broadcaster: Discovery Channel

Executive Producer - Renegade Pictures: Alan Hayling
Executive Producer - Discovery: Catherine Ball
Series Producer: Julian Carey
Producer: Zara Akester
Line Producer: Claire Bugden

Prime Focus:

Stereographer: Barry O'Brien
Colourist: Damion Katwaroo
Online Editor: Alex Eves
Dubbing Mixer: Vincenzo Cannatella
Post Producer: Louisa Sutherland-Smith