It’s MAN v/s WILD in these four new ‘Kong: Skull Island’ Clips, Plus an IMAX Featurette

A new batch of 'Kong: Skull Island' clips have surfaced online over the past few days, giving us more insight into the human characters who encounter Kong and the rest of the mythical monsters on the treacherous Skull Island.

And if that’s not enough, Tom Hiddleston, Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson take us behind the scenes of 'Kong: Skull Island', and its epic scale in a new IMAX featurette, with Hiddleston calling the movie an “immersive spectacle” and Vogt-Roberts describing it as “a different world where things are beautiful and terrifying all at the same time.”

Kong: Skull Island reaches theatres on March 10th 2017. You can catch all the clips here: