Check out these Before and After clips for 'Star Trek Beyond' - Barco Escape format

Prime Focus World is proud to have worked closely with the teams at Bad Robot and Barco Escape to deliver immersive, multi-screen content for the Barco Escape release of 'Star Trek Beyond'.

The Barco Escape format utilizes three cinema projectors and two additional Cinemascope screens to present audiences with a much wider field of view, enhancing the cinema-going experience and bringing audiences inside the action like never before. As one of the first to create content for this exciting new presentation format, the Prime Focus team of 120 dedicated artists worked closely with their colleagues at Double Negative (Dneg), the main VFX partner on ‘Star Trek Beyond’, to create brand new visuals to expand and enhance the action playing on the main screen.

Check out the Before and After clips and some more imagery below: