'Warcraft' opens in China with jaw-dropping $46 million in one day

Forbes has reported that Duncan Jones's 'Warcraft' has snagged an incredible $46 million in its first day of opening in China, including $5.33 million in IMAX alone. 

The $160 million video game adaptation, produced by Legendary and Blizzard Entertainment (the company behind the game) had a near-record single day gross to kick off its run in the world’s second-biggest movie-going market, second only to the record set by 'Furious 7' last year, and easily outgrossing the debuts of 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens', 'Avengers: Age of Ultron', 'Transformers: Age of Extinction' and 'Captain America: Civil War'.

'Warcraft' (the game) is huge in China, with a massive subscriber base, and it appears they all took the opportunity to see how Duncan Jones translated the game to the big screen

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