Ánima Estudios and Prime Focus World to co-produce 'Here Comes The Grump'

Ánima Estudios, Latin America’s largest and most prestigious animation studio, and Prime Focus World, the creative services division of Prime Focus Limited, the world’s largest integrated media services company, announce the co-production of “Here Comes The Grump”.

The animated feature film is currently being produced by teams working across the Atlantic using an advanced technological pipeline which has allowed for exceptional creative freedom. Based on a script from Ice Age screenwriter Jim Hecht and designs by Craig Kellman, character designer on both Madagascar & Hotel Transylvania, and directed by Andres Couturier, “Here Comes The Grump” will carry audiences to a fantastical, visually immersive, faraway land where Terry, a regular teenage boy, has been magically transported. After meeting the ever so dizzy Princess Dawn, Terry agrees to help her ward off the evil deeds of a mean-spirited wizard called The Grump, even though he really just wants to find a way back home.

“We are thrilled to announce this project which fully leverages the combined strengths of our two companies, and we look forward to creating a movie which aims to be a fun and groovy comedy for the whole family,” said Jose C. García de Letona, COO at Ánima Estudios and a producer of the film.

“Animation is well underway and the film will be completed in the first part of 2017. Our artists are pushing the limits to put as much quality and humor as possible into every last frame,” added Greg Gavanski, Prime Focus’ London based animation head. 

Ánima Estudios has produced several highly successful features which have been released all over the world. Prime Focus World is a well-established filmmaking partner to studios and film production companies worldwide, providing its clients with world-class creative services, pioneering technology and intelligent financial solutions.