WSJ: 'Filmmakers are discovering more subtle potential in 3D, as a device for telling stories and building emotion'

Here in the 3D industry we might like to think that we've known this for a while, but its heartening to see that Don Steinberg, writing for The Wall Street Journal, has published an article about how filmmakers are using 3D as a storytelling device.

Quoting 'Everest' helmer Baltasar Kormákur, the article describes how the director used 3D to 'help convey the gargantuan scale of the highest mountain on Earth, and, in turn, heighten the emotional impact for audiences by highlighting the risks the climbers confronted' and how he fought hard to release the film in IMAX 3D.

The article also quotes Sony Pictures Chairman Tom Rothman talking about 'The Walk', the upcoming biopic about Philippe Petit, who in 1974 walked a tightrope between New York’s World Trade Center towers. Apparently director Robert Zemeckis labored to get 'The Walk' made for more than a decade, and "from the absolute get-go, 3D and large-screen were integral to his vision of the movie”. 

The article also namechecks Ron Howard's 'In The Heart Of The Sea' and Ridley Scott's 'The Martian', both of which feature Prime Focus' 3D conversion work. 

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