Movies like 'The Martian' will be important for 3D says RealD Chief

Brent Lang of Variety has published an interview with RealD's newly installed president of worldwide cinema Anthony Marcoly, who gives his thoughts on the state of the 3D industry and some of the upcoming 3D releases. 

"As we move into the fall, you’re going to have “Everest,” which is a very different kind of action movie than the summer films," said Marcoly. "You have “The Walk” from Robert Zemeckis, who has always been a great 3D advocate. And you have “The Martian” from Ridley Scott, which has pieces of “Cast Away” and “Gravity.” They’re not big action movies, but they’re using 3D to immerse viewers in the storytelling and to give filmmakers another tool. I’d liken it to what you saw with “Life of Pi .”

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