Watching 3D films can help improve IQ and brain power

Great news for stereo 3D fans - industry journal TVBEurope is reporting that watching films in 3D sharpens the brain for a protracted period after the movie has been watched, leading to a short-term 'brain training' effect!

The article cites research in which neuroscientist Patrick Fagan and Professor Brendan Walker exposed over 100 people to 3D films. The researchers found that participants experienced a 23 per cent increase in cognitive processing and reaction times were improved by 11 per cent, with the effects lasting for up to 20 minutes after viewing.

They also found that the improvement in reaction times was five times higher as a result of watching 3D versus 2D content, and cognitive processing was improved twofold - by 23 per cent rather than just by 11 per cent after watching 2D

Interestingly there was a 7 per cent shift in 'engagement' when consumers watched in
3D in comparison to 2D, and spectacle wearers were more 'immersed' by the 3D than
non-spectacle wearers.

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