Prime Focus World wins 'Best Stereography – Live Action' at 6th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards

PFW Founder & Global CEO Namit Malhotra

PFW Founder & Global CEO Namit Malhotra

The International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society has honored Prime Focus World (PFW) with the Lumiere™ award for ‘Best Stereography – Live Action’ for its work on Sin City: A Dame To Kill For. The award was presented to Founder and Global CEO Namit Malhotra at the Society’s 6th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards, which was held on January 28 at Warner Bros. Studios in Hollywood.

PFW was delighted to see two other projects to which it had contributed also pick up awards – Guardians of the Galaxy took the main honor of the night, winning ‘Best Live Action 3D Feature’, and the BBC’s Enchanted Kingdom won ‘Best Motion Picture Documentary’.

PFW SVP, Production Rohan Desai and Senior Stereo Supervisor Justin Jones

PFW SVP, Production Rohan Desai and Senior Stereo Supervisor Justin Jones

Speaking about the win, Prime Focus Founder and Global CEO Namit Malhotra said: “I’d like to thank the Society for this award. The original Sin City was the first film I went to see when I first came to Hollywood. Flash forward a few years, and we are being honored by the industry for our work on the sequel. I’m incredibly proud of the global Prime Focus stereo conversion team – not just for winning this award, but for delivering such an impressive standard and quality of work in such a short timeframe while also working on Transformers: Age of Extinction, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Maleficent, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Edge Of Tomorrow, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Noah and a host of other shows.”

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For Senior Stereo Supervisor Justin Jones added: “I’m thrilled and honored to be receiving this award. Robert [Rodriguez] told me something really important in our first meeting. He said that it had been nearly ten years since the original, and of course there were going to be huge advances in the VFX for the sequel… but the real difference was going to be the 3D. He said, ‘Let’s be bold and give them an eye popping 3D experience’. And hopefully that’s what we’ve done.”

The 3D Creative Arts Awards honors the best in 3D image making, recognizing outstanding achievement across all forms of creative content. Directors James Gunn, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Dean Deblois, and producers and production executives from Hollywood and more than a dozen countries were in attendance at the event. Commenting on this year’s entries, Society President Jim Chabin said: “From Hollywood blockbusters to World War II documentaries to live opera broadcasts, we have never before seen 3D used to excite audiences at this level and quality.” 

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For was PFW’s largest undertaking to date. As the exclusive stereo VFX partner on the film, the company delivered 2,282 stereo VFX shots in a 32-week production period, designing a hybrid stereo conversion process to incorporate the natively captured performances with stereo converted CG environments and props created by the artists of PFW. The global stereo teams were led by Senior Stereo Supervisor Justin Jones and SVP, Production Rohan Desai.

PFW created 30 minutes of 3D for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, including the climactic sky battle sequence, and delivered supplementary conversion services for the natively captured Enchanted Kingdom, converting a number of tricky long-lens shots that had been captured in 2D and needed to sit perfectly alongside the native footage.

The ‘Best Stereography’ honor marks the third time the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society has recognized PFW with an award. Previous honors include a Lumiere™ Technology award for the company’s ‘Hybrid Stereo Pipeline’, the technology behind PFW’s work on some of Hollywood's biggest blockbusters, and the award for ‘Best 2D to 3D Conversion’ for PFW’s stand-out work on Gravity.

Reacting to the honor, Merzin Tavaria, Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder, Prime Focus said, “We accept this independent industry recognition with great humility and pride. Our association with Sin City 2 has been a huge milestone in our global journey. Challenging opportunities such as these have enabled Prime Focus World to redefine the 3D experience for audiences the world over and establish our leadership position in the 3D conversion industry. We would like to thank the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society for acknowledging our work and honoring us three times in succession, which only validates our best-in-class creative credentials to deliver high quality 3D to the world’s most advanced film making community, Hollywood.”