Siggraph: New VFX Details Revealed on 'Sin City: A Dame To Kill For'

Prime Focus World presented an advanced discussion at this year's SIGGRAPH in Vancouver. The topic of discussion was'Sin City: A Dame to Kill For' , for which PFW delivered 2,282 VFX shots. 

The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "Speaking Tuesday at CG confab Siggraph, VFX supervisor Stefen Fangmeier and Prime Focus co-founder and chief creative director Merzin Tavaria related that the look of the sequel needed to both respect the look of co-director Frank Miller’s graphic novels and the 2005 Sin City film, while also "taking it to a new level." That meant balancing a look that was both stylized and photoreal, and this time with stereoscopic 3D,"

The film is scheduled to open on Aug 22.

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