Flickering Myth posts first impressions of 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

Movie blog Flickering Myth has posted its first impressions of Marvel's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy following last week's 17-minute preview, and the verdict is a big thumbs up. Writer Luke Owen specifically singled out the 3D work on the sequence:

Lastly, Guardians of the Galaxy looks spectacular on the 3D IMAX. It was never intrusive, it was never garish or gimmicky and it was totally immersive. The scope and size of the picture requires a screen this large and the space battles shown in the trailer at the end of the footage looked awesome. With the great script and characters, the film will have the same impact on a 2D screen, but the visuals are so damn impressive that this movie almost demands to be seen on 3D IMAX.

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