Matthew Vaughn On James Bond And Kingsman: The Secret Service

Loosely adapted from Mark Millar and Dave Gibbons’ espionage comic-book, Kingsman: The Secret Service sees Matthew Vaughn finally doing what he so nearly did back in the mid-noughties and making a spy flick. “I had a lot of meetings on Casino Royale,” he reveals of the Bond that got away, “So much so that the head of MGM offered me it. I had a 24-hour period where I thought I was directing Casino Royale.” 

Now directing his latest movie Vaughn said "As for the curveball casting of Firth, a badass secret agent dispensing justice in immaculate Prince of Wales check, Vaughn has a simple explanation. “I just wanted someone where, when he starts kicking the shit out of people, you cannot believe it’s him,” he says with a grin.

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