Variety: '3D Stages a Revival'

Variety Senior Film and Media Reporter, Brent Lang has called the 2014 summer box office a "revival" for 3D. In the article appearing on Variety's news site Tuesday, Lang takes a look at the 3D market share of Summer 2014 releases compared to those released the same time last year. Analysts are pointing to the impact the success of 2013 Oscar-winning space epic Gravity has had on sparking consumer interest.

Lang quotes James Goss, managing director of research at Barrington Research Associates, who says, "Films such as Edge of Tomorrow and Godzilla didn't match Gravity's 80% 3D take -- but they racked up roughly half of their opening weekends from 3D screenings."

Michael Lewis, chariman and CEO of RealD is quoted as commenting, "When a studio sets the tone that film is meant to be seen in 3D, moviegoers respond."

The article provided a look into the box office numbers listing a number of 3D opening weekend percentages. Prime Focus World was the exclusive stereo conversion partner for Edge of Tomorrow, which showed a strong 47% of its opening weekend was 3D screenings. These are compared to 2013 where World War Z led the group with 34% in 3D market share.

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