Director Dave Green on 'Earth to Echo' has posted an exclusive interview with Earth to Echo director Dave Green.  Green spoke on the allure of the early teenage world in which his characters live.

"You’re old enough to be cognizant and you know what your own thoughts are and you’re enough of an adult," Green said. "But at that age you’re still holding on to and you still have imagination and excitement and you still have that spark of what it means to be a kid."

He went on to speak about the comparisons to other kid-meets-alien stories such as Steven Spielberg's E.T. and J.J. Abrams' Super 8.  He also described his discovery that the found-footage style was something kid audiences found as new. 

"It's very cool to see them say 'I've never seen a move like this before,'" Green commented, "because they've never seen a movie shot and told in this perspective because the format is usually reserved for kind of very grisly horror movies."

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