The Return of 'Transformers' to Shanghai

The New York Times has posted an article from the Shanghai Film Festival on Transformers: Age of Extinction and it close production ties with China. 

The movie, the fourth installment in the popular live-action series, is set to be the closing film during the Shanghai International Film Festival on June 22, three days after it makes its world premiere in Hong Kong on June 19.

The franchise has seen exceptional success in China as the highest-grossing movie series in China’s history, with the third installment Transformers: Dark of the Moon pulling in $166 million, according to But the hope for the latest strategy, which at its core consists of partnering with Chinese producers and consulting with the Chinese authorities throughout the moviemaking and marketing processes, will help push the film into record-breaking territory for domestic box office sales as well as clear the path in the long term for future projects involving China.

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