Namit Malhotra in Post Magazine Stereo Conversion Roundtable

In this month’s issue of Post Magazine, writer Christine Bunish has published a virtual roundtable discussion on the 'state-of-the-art' in stereo conversion, featuring representatives from five companies, including Prime Focus World’s Founder & CEO, Namit Malhotra.  

Each company was asked a series of questions to gain insight on their thoughts about the state-of-the-art of 3D conversion, on subjects such as: improvements in 3D conversion technology; current growth in the 3D market, especially internationally; what makes the companies' conversion processes unique; forecasts for the 3D business; and details on a recent conversion project that they found challenging.

So what makes Prime Focus World stand out from its competitors? “We’ve always been a post production and VFX company – we’ve been in the film business for the last 20 years," said Namit Malhotra. "So our ability to leverage the technology and make sure we can integrate ourselves within the fabric of a film is one of our key strengths – we’re an integrated services provider. We also have the largest global resource pool – LA, New York, London, Vancouver, Mumbai, Beijing – of any of our competitors. For us, it’s always about what we can do from a technology leadership perspective that will make the conversion process almost invisible to the director.”

Sitting alongside Namit on the virtual roundtable were Aaron Parry, CCO/EVP at Stereo D; Todd Cogan, SVP, Operations/Lead Stereographer at Venture 3D; Matt Akey, Executive Producer at Legend3D; and Sean McKee, Founder and CEO at Visionary Arts & Scientific Technologies.