Matt Bristowe and Richard Baker talk 'Gravity' with 'BusinessTechnology'

PFW SVP, Production, Matthew Bristowe, and Senior Stereographer Richard Baker, took a moment to speak to Joanne Frearson, a reporter for BusinessTechnology, a magazine distributed with the Daily Telegraph | Sunday Telegraph about the 7 time Oscar winning space thriller Gravity.

Richard explains how he sat down with Tim Webber [visual effects supervisor at Framestore] and Chris Parks [Gravity’s stereo supervisor] to plan out each individual shot, how it was going to work with the visual effects and most importantly how it would all tie up to portray Alfonso Cuarón's vision for the film. 

Matt added “This is probably the most technically advanced film ever in terms of its execution, visual effects and stereo conversion. You do marvel at the technicalities of it, but I think that quickly falls away and you are pulled into this emotional story.”

Both go on to explore the challenges they faced as well as how PFW continue to push the boundaries for 3D filmmaking.

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