Learn about the magic behind 'Gravity's' VFX and 3D

Following our tweet from British Prime Minister David Cameron this morning...


...UK broadsheet The Daily Telegraph has published an article interviewing VFX Supervisor Tim Webber and Stereo Supervisor Chris Parks about the incredible technology that went into creating the magic behind the Oscar-winning Gravity.

The article, which covers both the VFX work of Framestore and the 3D Conversion work of Prime Focus World, gives an insight into the amazing work of both companies on a film that has set a new bar for so many facets of filmmaking. 

Stereo Supervisor Chris Parks picked out PFW's work on the interior scenes in the capsules as being especially interesting, saying that those long six minute and eleven minute shots really allowed thew audience to absorb and appreciate the 3D. 

He gives the example of the dream sequence, when Sandra Bullock's character is suffering from Oxygen depravation. Prime Focus World used what are called floating windows, to change the perceived plane of the cinema screen to make it appear distorted, creating a sense that something was not quite normal.

"The audience wouldn’t have consciously noticed what was going on, but it creates a different feel, it creates more intimacy. What I was trying to do with that was create a sense of unease in the scene."

Read the full article here.