James Cameron calls for bolder use of 3D by filmmakers

Variety has reported James Cameron's call to his fellow filmmakers to be bolder in their use of the format at the 3D Creative Summit in London. Speaking in a special pre-recorded message to delegates of the conference, Cameron said:

"The best work has been done by confident filmmakers like Ang Lee, Martin Scorsese and Alfonso Cuarón. They are confident so they didn’t worry about asking questions, and there are no dumb questions. Ask questions on day one and two and go nuts on day three.”

Variety also reported on Matt Bristowe's session at the event, presenting PFW's conversion work on Gravity:

'Meanwhile the debate about shooting native 3D vs. post conversion raged on. Prime Focus’ Matthew Bristowe felt “Gravity” would silence conversion’s critics. “ ‘Gravity’ is here to bury all those criticisms about conversion and move forward.” He joked about the infamous conversion of 2010’s “Clash of the Titans” but argued those days were long gone. “There has been an evolution, both technical and creative, over those four years.'  

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