3D Creative Summit - Day One Highlights

One of the highlights of day one of the 3D Creative Summit in London was a presentation by Stereo Supervisor Chris Parks on the 3D magic behind the 7 x Oscar winning movie Gravity.

Talking to film critic and broadcaster Jason Solomons, Chris gave the audience an insight into the creative decisions and technical processes that informed this hugely successful project, discussing topics such as 3D cinematography, using 3D techniques to focus viewers' attention around the frame, and how 3D can convey more information than a 2D image - especially in terms of conveying emotion in a scene.

Chris also spoke about why he felt Gravity was such a successful 3D movie - from Alfonso Cuarón's creative vision to Tim Webber's VFX 'wizardry', to the long nature of the shots themselves which play so well in 3D.

And trailing PFW's session at the 3D Creative Summit on the conversion of Gravity, he talked about Prime Focus World's conversion work on the movie, and the importance of getting the close-ups of the actors faces completely correct in depth.

Matt Bristowe will present a showcase of PFW's work on Gravity on Day Two of the 3D Creative Summit, at 11am, Thursday 13 March.