Prime Focus World at Day 2 of SPARK [FWD] 2014

SPARK [FWD] 2014 day 2 kicked off with a presentation from Prime Focus World Visual Effects Supervisor, Jon Cowley, who teamed up with Visual Effects Supervisor, Chris Godfrey (The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, Moulin Rouge!, The Thin Red Line), to give a behind-the scenes look at the visual effects of Director Baz Luhrmann's 2013 blockbuster The Great Gatsby.

Jon Cowley presented the technology and processes that were used on the approximately VFX 150 shots that were completed between Prime Focus World's Vancouver, London, and Mumbai facilities, including View-D™ stereo conversion, the colorization of archival footage, and the creation of a key fireworks sequence.

Luhrmann and Godfrey challenged Prime Focus World to produce a look that resembled fireworks as seen in 1920's time-lapse photography, and to ultimately achieve a look "that doesn't exist in reality." This required Prime Focus to adopt a highly stylized approach.

Prime Focus World was able to meet this challenge by building unique and flexible systems that easily allowed for input and changes from the Director. Utilizing the internal relationship between Prime Focus World's stereo conversion and visual effects teams, a hybrid 3D/VFX approach was adopted, rather than having the 3D conversion and VFX work done at separate times by separate facilities.

A unique approach to present VFX sequences for client approval in advance was also adopted. Utilizing the same software that fireworks engineers use to create their live fireworks events, Prime Focus World's visual effects artists choreographed the very creative fireworks sequence for The Great Gatsby

The days events were capped off with a panel discussion about the global success of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity. Prime Focus World Senior Stereographer, Richard Baker and SVP Production, Matt Bristowe joined Stereoscopic Post Supervisor, Angus Cameron (House of Wax, Shakespeare in Love, World War Z) to discuss how the correct approach to 3D becomes a powerful storytelling tool, and how Gravity has put 3D films back in the spotlight. Gravity has critics, audiences, and industry insiders in agreement about the quality of its 3D.

Prime Focus World's work on Gravity recently won the award for Best 2D-to-3D Conversion at the 3D Creative Arts Awards held on January 28th.

SPARK [FWD] 2014 is being held from Feb 05-09 at the Vancouver International Film Centre.

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