Prime Focus posts Olympic film about speed skating

Prime Focus has completed full post production including stereoscopic conversion on a 90 second film about speedskating for Omega, official timekeepers at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

The film, made by corporate producer Quite Frankly Productions, was shot using a combination of cameras including the Phantom Flex for slow motion shots of the skaters. 

Prime Focus World’s London-based View-D™ division handled the stereo conversion of the spot. Stereographer Barry O’Brien advised director Tim Frewer and DoP Simon Hawken on how to best shoot for the conversion, and supplied a 3D version of the storyboard to help guide their decisions on set.

“These early discussions really paid off in creating a film perfect for 3D,” said Barry. “Our involvement started at the storyboard stage, and continued through edit and grade. By collaborating so early in the process, we were able to help ensure that the spot looked fantastic when converted to 3D.”

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