New Exclusive Footage from Dave Skylark for 'The Interview'

Skylark Tonight has posted an exclusive new interview clip. The three and a half minute clip features Dave Skylark (James Franco) interviewing Orlando Bloom, who gets increasingly worried throughout the interview that he is blowing any chance he might have had of a knighthood from the Queen. 

Upcoming feature film The Interview features Dave Skylark as the host of his own popular talk-show called Skylark Tonight.  Along with his his producer, Aaron Rappaport (Seth Rogen), they score an interview with Korean Dictator, Kim Jong-Un. But when the CIA asks the duo to kill Kim, they become the world’s least qualified assassins.

Prime Focus World is pleased to have been a VFX partner on The Interview, which is scheduled to be released in theaters on December 25, 2014.

See the newly released interview on Skylark Tonight, and you can also check out Skylark's 30 min interview with Jason Derulo, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj for MTV on The Playlist.