Hazel Baird on shifting perspectives in World War II From Space

Studio Daily has published an article featuring Prime Focus motion graphics designer Hazel Baird for her work on History Channel's World War II from Space. Baird, di­rec­tor of mo­tion graph­ics on the His­tory Chan­nel special, had never before de­signed a show utilizing so much CG. Hardly daunted by the challenge, Baird applied her experience to the retelling of mil­i­tary his­tory with nearly 78 min­utes of mo­tion graph­ics, 300 an­i­ma­tions and a dis­pro­por­tion­ately small seg­ment of talk­ing heads in a tight five-month dead­line. The result earned her and the Prime Focus effects team an Emmy this fall for graphic design.

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