Prime Focus World delivers opening keynote at CVMP 2013.

Prime Focus World Global Technical Supervisor Rajat Roy and Global Head of View-D™ Pipeline Eoin Greenham have delivered a presentation at CVMP 2013 on ‘The Art and Science of 3D Conversion’.

CVMP, which is in its 10th year, brings together production and post-production specialists with imaging and graphics researchers to discuss the latest research, advances and state-of-the-art industry practices in visual media production. Raj and Eoin delivered the opening keynote session of the conference, using PFW’s stereo conversion work on Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity to illustrate the innovative pipeline and workflow advances they were presenting.

Much of their talk centered on the issues involved in marrying the measured, linear stereo depth of the VFX world (the ‘science’ of the title) with the creatively-driven, non-linear apportioning of depth, as used by the world of conversion (the ‘art’). Raj and Eoin talked the audience through the ‘bridges’ that they built between these two worlds, with particular reference to the development of the pipeline for Gravity.

Using examples and orthographic views of scenes from Gravity, Raj and Eoin demonstrated the differences in the apportioning of depth between linear and non-linear 3D scenes, and highlighted the differences in fall-off of depth between the two.

They went on to describe the solutions they created to allow linear VFX elements to be composited into the non-linear scenes produced during the conversion, and the R&D that PFW is currently undertaking to engineer deep LUT’s, to allow linear elements to be more easily merged into non-linear scenes, bringing the VFX and conversion worlds closer than ever before.