As the founder of Prime Focus, Namit Malhotra has been responsible for the development, growth and overarching strategy of the global Prime Focus brand of companies since its very modest beginnings in 1995. 

Namit's philosophy is for the company focus to remain solidly on people. In a world of hyper-creative and cutting-edge technology, he insists that at the heart is the power of individuals - individuals imagining, collaborating, and creating solutions that enhance partner experience throughout an entire project.  Flying through space or delivering content across all digital platforms, Namit's vision has been to align and converge the very best in creativity and technology to create a global powerhouse that transcends borders and services a global eco-system of individuals and corporations.

With a history in the film business that dates back three generations, Namit has always been influenced by the wonders of cinema, but also of the tireless effort required to make one's way in the business.  His grandfather was a well respected Bollywood cinematographer who shot the first color film in India, Jhansi Ki Rani, and worked alongside the likes of such filmic greats as Ernest Heller.  All this during the cultural upheaval of Indian independence which found him moving his family from their native northwestern India (now Pakistan) to Mumbai.  Namit's father, Naresh Malhotra, wanted to forge his own independent path, and entered the ranks of Bollywood as an Assistant Director.  Years later, through sheer grit, he rose to prominence with the blockbuster release Shahenshah, starring Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.  From this unique vantage point, Naresh turned towards a new challenge, and set forth rebuilding himself in the business as a provider of technical services to the television industry.

Namit, the eldest child, grew up in Mumbai where film-making reigns supreme.  Just as the filmic passions had run through the veins of the Malhotra men before him, so too did Namit envision his future in film.  His youth was filled with admiration for such Bollywood storytelling greats as Agneepath (the Godfather of Bollywood) and awe for Spielberg's reincarnated dinosaurs.  At the age of 19, with the independence and determination established by his father and grandfather, Namit set forth in establishing his own place in the ranks of Bollywood. 

Through his father's encouragement, he enrolled in a computer graphics school promising computer literacy in mere weeks.  Namit joined and was instantly moved by the opportunities in computer generated animation and film-making.  A whole movie could be created on a computer, and Namit was hooked.  Knowing he was going to be either a film-maker or an entrepreneur, he set out to merge the two.  In 1995, after recruiting his now Co-Founders and Creative Directors, Prakash Kurup, Huzefa Lokhandwala and Merzin Tavaria, Prime Focus was born.

The four began in the Malhotra family garage with one editorial system purchased on loan.  They combined their experiences, ideas, efforts and fundamental passions to build a company like no other they had seen.  The continued story of Namit is the story of Prime Focus.

Born in digital age, Namit was increasingly aware of the ways technology was changing film-making.  His focus remained on innovation so he acquired technology and grew the company's creative roster of services.  From bringing in new digital editing systems, advanced camera technologies, and the first digital intermediate to Asia, Prime Focus was able to quickly establish itself as a top-tier services provider.  All of this by not over relying on technology, but by insisting upon a synergistic balance between the tools of technology and the creative skills of the people who utilized them.

Knowing there was more still yet to be done, Namit brought Prime Focus public on the Bombay Stock Exchange in 2006 and strategized a move west.  Prime Focus expanded globally, acquiring visual effects, broadcast and post-production facilities in London, New York, Los Angeles and Vancouver.  Forever a believer in uniting people with technology, Namit worked alongside his now business partner, Ramki Sankaranarayanan, to found a Prime Focus World sister company, Prime Focus Technologies, dedicated to cloud-based management solutions for digital content providers.

Not satisfied alone with the efforts of unifying the global companies, Namit took the strategic step to simultaneously launch Prime Focus' View-D(TM) 3D conversion platform in 2009; a move that helped revolutionize the way films are being made today.

As a hands-on leader, firmly on the path of global creative digital services influence, Namit and his Prime Focus brand of companies continue to build their services solutions across the globe.  In all these situations, the same people-centric philosophy underpins all his actions and forms the base for the client-centric solutions Prime Focus provides every day.

As a perpetual optimist and ardent believer in the potential in opportunities rather than the obstacles to a process, Namit has been growing the company ranks with the same entrepreneurial spirit he employed early on in developing Prime Focus.  Interested more in what "can be done" rather than "what is", Namit actively seeks out people and projects that he feels will both expand the strengths of Prime Focus, and provide growth for the individuals involved - both within and external to the company.  Devoted to nurturing talent in this regard, Namit apportions his time equally across all departments in the company, serving as an ideological mentor for all aspects of the company's growth while expanding strategic opportunities overall.

Namit approaches everyday with appreciation and respect for the legions of people around the world who have helped make Prime Focus what it is and who are helping to build Prime Focus into what it will become.  An apostle of change, Namit's present focus is on further harmonizing his vision with the needs of Prime Focus employees, clients, investors and partners across the globe.

He travels often to all branches within the Prime Focus world, and celebrates the cultural, intellectual and creative diversity the Prime Focus brand of companies has been able to unite.  In 2010, Namit made a strategic decision to move to the heart of global film-making, Hollywood.  Since then, he has resided in Los Angeles with his wife of more than 20 years, three young sons, and a rotating collection of fast sports cars.  He lives by the motto of his eldest son's namesake, Aryton Senna, "being second is to be the first of the ones who lose".