Senior Roto Artist



Job Description

The Senior Roto Artist should have experience in the range of 4-7 years and is responsible for creating mattes that accurately reflect the motion of a particular object/s over a series of frames in 2D. This involves the following:

  • Creating and Editing of sophisticated shape/s
  • Animating shapes with hand and with the help of trackers
  • Compositing shapes, fill modes and changing opacity settings

The Roto Artist should have an eye for detail as he may also review/revise Roto work coming into the studio for quality assurance.

Working with a team, including a lead artist and supervisors, the Roto Artist must creatively interpret and apply artistic concepts. We’re looking for individuals with an healthy dose of team spirit. Taking direction/critiques, interpreting notes and learning/applying new skills are key parts of everyday life in our studio.