Job Description

Responsible for establishing and managing the technical production pipeline across all Prime Focus facilities.

• Work alongside the relevant business and technical Heads to lead the way in establishing and maintaining the Company as a successful
leader through innovation.
• Offer seamless work processes, software development, and a common technological pipeline as one global entity.
• Manage and develop the pipeline effort for the Company’s VFX offering animation and feature animation.
• Effectively manage software and research and development strategy and teams.
• Oversee creative and production software strategies.
• Define and align all technology requirements in line with the Company’s production goals.
• Devise methods to increase efficiency and utilization across worldwide technical resources.


• Provide strong leadership and mentorship to increase productivity and organize personnel to more effectively maximize return on investments and increase focus.
• Motivate the team through demonstrated leadership ability and executive presence. Will enhance the inherent dynamism, personal accountabilities and natural drive.
• Build a collaborative team approach to global media services.
• Lead by cascading the organizations strategy/mission statement to staff members and assisting in the cultivation of a productive work environment.
• Clearly establish performance expectations with direct reports and provide the support and direction they need to achieve the desired results.

Position Requirements

• 10+ experience including experience as a technical supervisor within the VFX / Animation industry.
• Proven track record in handling VFX production workflow over multiple sites.
• Ability to translate business goals into strategy and building team to execute goals.
• Ability to find consensus among disparate groups and securing buy-in.
• Ability to manage large teams, making the most of individual strengths whilst retaining talent.
• M.S. degree in Computer Science or equivalent as well as experience with C++, Python, Qt, PyQT, databases etc.
• Knowledge of Maya, Nuke, Houdini (or similar) APIs would be advantageous.
• Experience of software development on Unix / Linux.
• Excellent communication skills and ability to adapt to all communication vehicles.