Mumbai is the place that our story began, over 16 years ago. Built on three generations of filmmaking experience, Prime Focus started as India’s first DI house and has expanded over the years to become the powerhouse that drives the Prime Focus World global business model. Our Mumbai studio houses our largest artist base globally and works both in partnership with the other worldwide PFW facilities as well as independently, on both Bollywood and global film projects.

Our 80,000 square-foot Mumbai facility houses seven theaters and thousands of VFX, 3D conversion and Animation seats, and also offers a complete slate of post production services. It is one of the largest, busiest and most technologically advanced facilities in Asia, and works directly with our six other facilities throughout India, including our key hubs in Chandigarh, Hyderabad and Goa, that house an additional 1,500 plus artists and members of our global production teams.

The Mumbai facility is a constant host to members of the Prime Focus family from around the world, with staff from LA, Vancouver and London regularly travelling to the facility to supervise, train and collaborate with the Indian artists. Awaiting these visitors is the unique city of Mumbai itself – a dynamic, constantly changing world city, the commercial and entertainment capital of India, and home to the multi-million dollar Bollywood film industry. The fourth most populous city on the planet, Mumbai is a melting pot of communities, cultures and religions that cannot be fully appreciated in just one visit.

Mainframe IT Park Building
H Royal Palms
Goregaon (East)
Mumbai, India

T +91 22 4209 5000
F +91 22 4209 5001