VFX Editor, Animation


Job Description

Prime Focus Animation is looking for a VFX Editor to join its London team. The primary responsibility of the role is to create and QC edit timelines, and as such this is not a 'creative' editorial role.


  • Must be able to create a timeline in Premiere Pro, using provided EDLs and reference QTs, and then conform provided shot DPX to this timeline
  • Must be confident QCing timelines and have an excellent attention to detail. Are all the correct shots in place? Are there any discrepancies? Are the correct version numbers of each shot being used?
  • Editor has the responsibility of re-rendering DPX and recreating EDLs, once the timeline is completed and checked, and transferring all new material to the grade. 
  • Editor is in charge of transferring all material between Prime Focus Mumbai, Prime Focus London, the grading facility - and finally, the Client. They must keep track of all updated shots, to make sure the timeline is always up-to-date.
  • Once the grade is complete, the Editor must create a final Premiere Project Timeline (with graded ProRes QTs) to be sent to the Client. The Editor, here, is the final port of call - in charge of Final Episode Delivery to the Client.



Skills and Experience

  • Good knowledge of Adobe Premiere Pro and Framecycler
  • Reasonable knowledge of Microsoft Excel
  • Basic understanding of Nuke, Filemaker Pro, Photoshop and Aftereffects is a plus
  • Must have excellent communication skills, remaining in constant communication with the grading facility re: any technical problems, material which needs re-supplying etc.
  • This is a responsible position and requires someone who is organised, methodical and has great attention to detail.