Prime Focus World’s Mumbai facility has exclusively contributed stereo VFX work for Legendary, the new film from director Eric Styles, starring Scott Adkins and Dolph Lundgren.

In Legendary, crypto-zoologist Travis Preston (Adkins) sets out to investigate rumors of a prehistoric beast that is killing construction workers, with the intention of capturing and preserving the deadly creature. But Preston has Harker (Lundgren) to contend with – a trophy-hunter who is only interested in bagging the beast, and who is not afraid to kill anyone who comes between himself and his prey.

Commenting on the project, Prime Focus Co-Founder and Chief Creative Director, Merzin Tavaria said, “The Mumbai team handled this complicated work admirably, delivering a challenging sequence in stereo that more than lived up to the vision of the director.”

The majority of the work completed on the movie included wire removals, monitor inserts and CG enhancement of shots. The scope of work also included stereo clean-up of wires over moving water.

One of the main VFX challenges came at the climax of the movie, and required the design and build of a CG reserve containing mythical creatures. The team took elements that were shot live with the actors and integrated them with a new computer generated environment to achieve the photo-real stereo sequences. The PFW CG, matte painting and compositing departments worked closely together at each stage to achieve what the director had envisioned.

PFW’s work on the movie comprised 110 stereo VFX shots and was completed by a team of 36 artists over a five-month production period. The work on Legendary was overseen by VFX Supervisor Piers Hampton in London, who worked closely with Head of VFX Production Shome Dasgupta and VFX Lead Shyam Gurumurthy in Mumbai.

“Prime Focus World’s work on Legendary is another example of the benefits of its global VFX model,” concluded VFX Supervisor Piers Hampton. “Between myself in London, and Shyam and the team in Mumbai, we were able to provide the director with challenging stereo VFX work which met the production’s budget, due to the efficiency of our global pipeline.”

Legendary is slated for release later this year.


Director: Eric Styles
Producers: Matthew Kuipers, Xiaodong Lui, Christopher Milburn
Studio / Distributor: China Film Group

PFW Supervisor: Piers Hampton
PFW Producer: Shome Dasgupta 
PFW Scope of Work: VFX, 110 shots
PFW Lead Facility: Mumbai
PFW Associate Team: London


 Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon brochure

Legendary: Tomb of the Dragon brochure