Prime Focus World has delivered VFX services for Kilburn Media’s new film Indigenous, directed by Alastair Orr. The film stars Zachary Soetenga, Lindsay McKeon and Sofia Pernas, and was produced by Mark C Manuel and Ted O’Neal.

PFW supplied 44 VFX shots for Indigenous, working directly with Alastair Orr and his team. The main part of the work involved the ‘Chupacabra’ – a terrifying humanoid creature, inspired by the legendary cryptid rumoured to terrorise parts of the Americas. PFW’s work on the movie was completed exclusively by its Mumbai VFX team, led by VFX Supervisor Shaily Swarnkar.

“Indigenous was an interesting and rewarding project for the PFW India VFX team,” said Chief Creative Director Merzin Tavaria. “We were given full creative freedom by the filmmakers to interpret their vision, and we delivered impressive results that the client was more than happy with.”

The brief from the director was to take the live action performance of the ‘Chupacabra’ character and to make it look even more scary and dangerous, enhancing the actor’s work without diverting attention away from it. The team treated the creature’s face with care, removing skin, adding exposed bone and augmenting and stretching the jawline to make it appear even less human. Similar methods were used on the creature’s body,  distorting its shape and adding lacerations and gore to really add to the scare factor. The main challenge the team faced was the limited budget available for the work, which called for some creative solutions.

“On this occasion, the budget did not stretch to full CG with matchmoves,” explained Shaily Swarnkar, VFX Supervisor. “We came up with a more cost-effective solution, that involved painting textures and tracking them in 2D. It was tricky work, but the end results were very effective and the client was extremely happy – even extending the length of some of our shots so that you can see more of the creature.”

During the VFX production period, client reviews with the director were conducted in PFW’s Hollywood screening room, under the management of PFW VP Business Development Chris Del Conte.

“This show is a great example of how we can provide superlative results on a constrained budget by utilising our global resources,” commented Chris. “The show delivered on time, on budget, and the client was very happy with the quality of the work.”


Director: Alistair Orr
Studios / Distributors: Kilburn Media / XYZ Films

VFX Creative Director: Merzin Tavaria
VFX Supervisor: Shailendra Swarnkar
Head of VFX Production: Shome Dasgupta
Lead Compositor: Pranay Agarwal
Line Producer: Asha Joseph
CG Supervisor: Sameet Gupte  
VP, Business Development: Chris Del Conte


PFW Indigenous Brochure

PFW Indigenous Brochure