Starring Hong Kong actor, martial artist, film director and producer, action choreographer and world Wushu tournament medalist Donnie Yen, Iceman 3D is director Law Wing-cheong’s martial arts epic about a Ming Dynasty palace guard from ancient China who is frozen during a battle, and then woken up 400 years later in modern day Hong Kong to continue the fight. 

“Iceman 3D marks a new beginning for PFW,” said Merzin Tavaria Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder, Prime Focus World. “It is a new venture with our neighboring country to extend our creative services to Chinese filmmakers. Our process has become an essential tool in the filmmaker’s arsenal for creating the highest-quality, most-believable 3D movies, and we look forward to many more collaborations with China through our Beijing offices.”

The team at Prime Focus World was thrilled to work on such a high-energy action film. The brief called for hugely impactful action sequences, and the VFX-heavy sequences were perfectly designed to make maximum use of negative space, creating the illusion of objects coming out of the screen. Among the elements used in the spectacular battle scenes were flying swords, spears, arrows, and shattered glass, which helped to immerse the audience in the fights. 

PFW Stereo Supervisor Dong Guo and Senior Stereographer Jimmy Phillip worked directly with Iceman 3D Production Manager Stephen Ng to source VFX elements that would help in the creation of the stereo. “We began by identifying the VFX in each shot and judging the level of difficulty involved,” Dong explained. “Stephen would then help connect us with the VFX team in Hong Kong. Once we received the elements, we could use them in our View-D™ pipeline. All the visual effects in the film have their own depth treatment.”

Another advantage was that the film was conceived from the start as a 3D movie. “While filming, Law Wing-Cheong shot the movie with noticeable consideration for the technicalities of 3D,” said Dong. “You can tell he did his research, and it helped make the entire conversion process smooth and seamless.”  

According to PFW Senior Stereographer Jimmy Phillip, creating the stereo in post production was also important to the quality of the 3D. “Stereo conversion offers the filmmaker unprecedented creative control and the opportunity to enhance their storytelling in stereo,” said Jimmy. “One of the main advantages is the ability to adjust the depth within a shot without losing or letting go of its stereo design. This full creative control allows filmmakers to achieve their vision for the stereo in the film without compromise.”

Prime Focus World was the exclusive stereo creation partner on Iceman 3D, delivering all 2282 shots (105 minutes) of the film in stereo. PFW’s stereo work on the film was supervised out of its new Beijing facility, and executed by its experienced and talented View-D™ team in Mumbai, led by Chief Creative Director and Head of View-D™ Merzin Tavaria.


RELEASE: April 17, 2014

Director: Donnie Yen, Law Win-cheong
Producers: Huang Jianxin
Studio / Distributor: Zhongmeng Century Media

PFW Scope of Work: Exclusive 3D Conversion Partner / 2282 shots
Lead PFW Facility: Beijing
PFW Associate Team(s): Mumbai

Stereo Supervisor:
Dong Guo
Chief Executive Officer, Prime Focus China: Jim Luo

Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder: Merzin Tavaria
Senior Stereographer: Jimmy Philip
SVP, View-D™: Stephen Mascarenhas
Head of Production: Franklin Mascarenhas
Producer: Bakshad Amrolia
Production Manager: Nitin Singh
Technical Supervisor: Parminder Chadda
Pipeline Technical Director: Piyush Jain
Stereographers: Ankit Jobanputra, Bhavya Dixit