Welcome to an overview of our AssistedBreakout tool

AssistedBreakout™ is a semi-automated tool for the simplification of VFX megacomps and the extraction of elements for the conversion process, saving our clients time and money while maintaining the best quality visual effects in the stereo result.

The megacomps that we receive from VFX vendors are very useful to us in conversion as they contain the highest quality constituent layers required to build up the VFX shots in a movie - but due to their complexity they are extremely slow and difficult to work with, and the process of stripping out the elements we need can be very time-consuming and expensive.

AssistedBreakout is a script that runs within the compositing package that analyses the branches of the comp scripts that we receive from VFX vendors and automatically decides the best points to render breakouts from. It then creates Custom Write nodes in those appropriate places of the megacomp, and builds a preview minicomp using No-ops that are linked to the Custom Writes.

It is now much easier to examine and understand the preview minicomp for validity in the stereo conversion process, rather than sifting through all the detail in the megacomp. The minicomp generates a resulting image that matches the original comp exactly, frozen at the quality of the final VFX shot but crucially still very flexible and linked to the main comp so that we can tailor and craft the ideal balance between streamlining the operations and maintaining valid layers for conversion.

Depending on the complexity of the comp, AssistedBreakout can create the minicomp, set up the render paths and package it all up into one directory in a fraction of the time it takes to do it manually. This is in marked contrast to the current process of breaking down megacomps, which can take up to half a day per shot and requires artists with a strong knowledge of compositing.

Furthermore the tool can be used remotely by the conversion artist, allowing the tool to be run in the VFX environment and removing the need for big data transfers between VFX house and conversion company. Only the precomps and the resulting minicomp scripts are transferred.

AssistedBreakout opens up a number of time and cost saving benefits. These include:

  • Removing the cost of VFX vendors breaking-out elements for conversion
  • Removing the possibility of human error in simplifying the comp
  • Removing the need for huge data transfers between VFX vendor and conversion house
  • Ensuring best quality by using the same comp as the 2D version
  • Dramatically reducing turnaround because of the semi-automation of the tool
  • Furthermore it is a vendor agnostic tool and translates any type of comp

AssistedBreakout is a great example of a tool that we have developed to streamline the conversion process and save our clients time and money.

Contact Prime Focus World today and find out how AssistedBreakout can improve your stereo conversion experience.