Prime Focus World (PFW) is a filmmaking partner to studios and film production companies, providing world-class creative services, pioneering technology services and intelligent financial solutions on a global scale.

We provide VFX
In 2014, PFW merged its VFX business with Double Negative (Dneg), an Academy Award® winning VFX industry leader with facilities in London, Vancouver and Singapore. Dneg’s VFX credits include Interstellar (Academy Award / BAFTA winner), Avengers: Age of Ultron, Godzilla, The Hunger Games and Inception (Academy Award / BAFTA winner). For more information on Double Negative's services and a full credit list, please visit 

We provide Stereo Conversion
PFW was the first company in the world to convert a full Hollywood film from 2D to 3D, and its patented, award-winning stereo conversion process has been used on more blockbuster Hollywood films than any other. Stereo conversion credits include Avengers: Age of Ultron, Guardians of the Galaxy (International 3D Society winner), Transformers: Age of Extinction, Star Wars: Episodes I-III and Gravity (International 3D Society winner).

We provide Animation
From script to screen, PFW partners with production companies and brands to develop and deliver beautifully animated CG content, offering the scale and experience to deal with projects of any size. Animation credits include three seasons of a fully CG animated TV show for a major global toy brand.

Prime Focus World is the creative services division of Prime Focus Limited (BSE code: 532748), the world’s largest independent media services provider, delivering end-to-end creative services (VFX, stereo conversion, animation), technology products and services (Media ERP Suite and Cloud-enabled media services), production services (shooting floors / sound stages, equipment rental, line production) and post-production services (Digital Intermediate / color grading, sound, picture post) to studios, broadcasters and the advertising industry.